ESCO 100 Q11

Natural Spanish Roofing Slate



Uniform and lightly textured 

ESCO 100 Q11

ESCO 100 Q11 Natural Slate, mined from the Galicia region in Spain since 1968 by one of the largest slate producers in Europe. The Quarry has its origins as a modest open-cast excavation but just some 20 years later, rapidly transformed into one of the globe's most expansive subterranean mining operations. Due to the exceptional efficiency of Q11's extraction process, which is double the traditional quarrying method and with a remarkable exhibition of state-of-the-art mining methodologies, this effectively secures a dependable source of this impressive slate for many years to come.

The products remarkable profile, smooth texture, combined with a consistent thickness; make it an ideal choice for elevating various construction and design endeavors. This Coupled with a rich colour leads to a Unique and full appearance on every roof. However, the Q11 is not all looks! As it proudly achieves top results with a W1, S1, T1 rating and our very own 75 year Guarantee. Helping to secure the timeless allure of Q11 Natural Slate and elevate your spaces to new heights of beauty.


  • Thin 
  • Great Quality 
  • Consistent
  • Uniform 


  • Conforms to BSEN12326
  • Also achieves the NF Marque
  • Guaranteed for 75 years

Sizes Available

  • 500mm x 250mm 

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