ESCO 402

Natural Spanish Roofing Slate



A textured slate with no visible pyrites.

ESCO 402

Esco 402 has a rich, deep blue black colour and a well defined and distinctive texture. The quarry is situated near the village of La Bana. This area is widely accepted for producing some of the best performing slates from Spain. The quarry was opened in 1984 and started producing for the UK market in 1988.

The slate is well known to be a slate of high quality with a very clean pyrite free appearance. The slate has a proven track record to withstand the harshest of climates and will not change in colour or appearance.

The slate is blue/black in colour, clean and totally rustproof with a distinctive texture.


  • Deep Colour
  • Highly attractive rustic and textured finish


  • Conforms to BSEN12326
  • Also achieves the NF Marque
  • Guaranteed for 75 years

Sizes Available

  • 500mm x 250mm

Fixing Guide & Brochure

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