Natural Spanish Roofing Slate



A fairly smooth texture with some visible non reactive pyrites


The Merayo quarry was first opened in 1970. The quarry is situated at the southern end of the Spherical Massif that dates back 450 million years to the Ordovician period.

The quarry’s first productions were small slates which were supplied to France with expansion occurring in the mid 1980’s when Mr G Ignacio Merayo became involved. Mr Merayo studied the requirements of the British market and felt that the characteristics of this slate would be ideal as the Merayo slate is flat, rustproof and regular. With continued investment and environmental care, the Merayo quarry has become a major source of UK slate with the quality and performance seldom matched.

Merayo slates are suitable for all manner of projects and have been widely used on award winning developments as well as private dwellings.


  • Proven track record in coastal locations.
  • A wide range of sizes available.
  • Can suit pitches down to 20 degrees in moderate exposure areas and 22.5 degrees in severe exposure areas.


  • Conforms to BSEN12326 (W1,S1,T1).
  • Also achieves the NF Marque.
  • Guaranteed for 75 years.

Sizes Available

  • 600mm x 300mm
  • 500mm x 300mm
  • 500mm x 250mm
  • 450mm x 250mm
  • 400mm x 200mm

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