Cornish Slate

Natural Cornish Roofing Slate



Delabole slates have a natural riven texture, new slates will weather to a pleasing mellow shade


Delabole Slate Quarry has exclusive access to the very best of Cornish slate reserves. There is no other slate quite like it, which is probably why the quarry has operated for 800 years or more and is still the oldest and largest slate quarry in both Cornwall and England. They still make their famous roofing slate in the traditional way. Hand-made by Cornish craftsmen using skills handed down from father to son for generations.


  • Delabole slates are impermeable to water
  • World renowned for extreme durability
  • A service life measured in centuries


  • Delabole Slate exceeds the requirements of BS:680, (as tested by Frank Saynor Associates of Edinburgh and the Building Research Establishment) and is also tested in accordance with BS:690.

Sizes Available

  • SIZED SLATES are dressed to a set length and width, and range from 24" x 12" to 12" x 6" (610mm x 305 mm to 305mm x 152mm).
  • RANDOMS have lengths varying from 24" to 12" (610mm to 305mm).
  • PEGGIES range from 12" to 6" (305mm to 152mm) in length. Both have random widths.

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