Brazilian Slate

Natural Brazilian Roofing Slate

Brazilian Slate

ESCO Grey Green
& ESCO Graphite

Brazilian slate is a fine-grained stone derived from an original shale-type sediment, with a low-grade metamorphism. It has been used in the UK for over 25 years, offering a substantial cost saving over Spanish and Welsh alternatives and proving to be more than fit for purpose.

Our Brazilian slate is produced in Papagaios (Minas Gerais) from one traceable source and is available in two colours: Grey-green and Graphite.

Esco Brazilian slates have traditionally been used on major projects and prestige buildings not only for their aesthetical properties but because this slate is unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and even acid rain. The Brazilian slate from The European Slate company is an attractive and long lasting material which can be relied on to withstand the most severe weather conditions and to exceed the lifetime of the building if installed correctly.

Brazilian Roofing slate needs to be treated differently to slates from Spain or the UK. For example when installing on your roof, you will experience a higher wastage factor with this product as opposed to slates from other countries. A good way to alleviate some of that wastage is to fix the product using Stainless Steel slate hooks rather than nailing, which we would recommend with all Brazilian slates.


  • Flat , smooth and even
  • Attractive colours
  • A great value for money product


  • First Quality
  • Conforms to BSEN12326: 2014
  • Guaranteed for 75 years

Sizes Available

  • 500mm x 250mm
  • 600mm x 300mm

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