Natural Spanish Roofing Slate



Smooth surface with small visible pyrite


Esco 9 comes from a company with a long tradition of sourcing and manufacturing natural slates. Established in the 1950's and founded by Don Baltasar Fidalgo López, one of the pioneers in the Spanish slate industry, they started exporting in 1960 to European countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

Nowadays, the firm combines the know how and the expertise of its long family tradition with the most advanced techniques of extraction and fabrication, in order to obtain the highest quality product.

The characteristics of the Esco 9 quarry make this product ideal for the UK market. This slate has been used in the UK market since the early 1990’s.

The Esco 9 slate can be recognised for its blue-black colour, with small visible inclusions. It’s smooth texture and thickness consistency, along with its high bending strength (flexion resistance) permits the production of large sizes with a very low wastage factor.

The chemical and mechanical properties of the slate makes it possible for a continuous supply of 4-5 mm thick slate in a wide range of sizes. This flatness consistency along with its smooth texture and its superb workability makes it a very versatile slate for any roof.

The durability of the roofs where Esco 9 has been used should exceed the 75 year guarantee.


  • Consistent thickness


  • Conforms to BSEN12326
  • Also achieves the NF Marque
  • Guaranteed for 75 years

Sizes Available

  • 600mm x 300mm
  • 500mm x 250mm 
  • 400 mm x 250mm

Fixing Guide & Brochure

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