Merayo passes the test

Spanish roofing slate and pyrite have always been a talking point. Is it an oxidising pyrite? Will it rust and leave streaks on your roof? Will it rust through and leave a hole? These are typical questions and, of course, everyone has an opinion.

The worst possible location for a slate with an oxidising pyrite is on the coast. So, if you have a property like this that sits literally on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea you need a slate you can trust. At ESCO our opinion is based on fact and we had no hesitation in recommending our Merayo with its stable, visible pyrites.

Hill Head is a residential area and estate on the coast of the Solent. It is located south of Stubbington, west of Lee-on-the-Solent and south east of Titchfield, in the borough of Fareham, Hampshire.

Approximately 15,000 of our Merayo Spanish roofing slates were installed on this stunning property early in 2016.

The owners of the property looked at a wide range of slates from various suppliers. They selected our Merayo slate due to the texture and colour and because the chosen roofing contractor had a long history using the product and was aware of it’s benefits in such an exposed location.

large detached property with Merayo slate roofing

On speaking to Ian Donnegan, Contracts Director of Elliotts Premier Roofing, he explained that due to the location they took extra measures to ensure the slates were fixed to suit this extremely exposed position. They installed lead roll hips and ridge and used extra cover on the lead. Ian tells us that shortly after the slates were fitted the property was subjected to not one, but two force 10 gales! He was delighted with the performance of our slates and how they stood up to this test, twice , and will use and recommend Merayo on all slate projects they are involved in.