European Slate Selected for award Winning Vineyard


After the existing cedar shingle roof had been attacked by woodpeckers, which were making large holes on a daily basis, the owners of an award winning vineyard in Hampshire were faced with re-roofing their property. After much research the owners were advised that the woodpeckers were not selective as to whether the shingles were old or new!  It was explained that the hungry birds were seeking the tiny insects which can be found living in the shingles, so if they were to replace the roof like for like, the same problem would occur again.  With that in mind the owners started to explore alternative roof coverings.  Because of the large roof span there was a concern about what other material could be used due to the weight of the product.  The owners employed the expertise of an engineer to investigate the options available to them and  it was decided that natural roofing slate would work.  They investigated using Westmorland Green slate from the Lake District, as this is an area they enjoy visiting – however this being a thicker natural slate, the weight became an issue.  But now the owners had their hearts set on Natural Slate.

The owners are personal friends with the Hampshire churches architects and it was they who recommended SDS Roofing Contractors of Botley in Hampshire as a possible contractor to take on the job.  SDS Roofing Services is a friendly, family run business based in Botley and operates around Hampshire, West Sussex and surrounding areas.  With a team of skilled craftsmen they cover all aspects of roofing, from carpentry packages, cutting and pitching the roof, to slating and tiling.  They have worked on a number of Heritage and listed buildings around the Hampshire, including churches and schools.  

Stuart Harris – Contracts Manager for SDS was quick to suggest the owners look at the wide range of Spanish Slate options available from European Slate.  Stuart explained European Slate is always his first choice for natural slate due to the range, competitive pricing and exemplary service which he always receives.  The owners selected European Slate’s ESCO17 Spanish, first quality slate.  Esco17 is a smooth slate and they loved its appearance , which they felt would enhance the finished look of their stunning property.  Not only did it appeal aesthetically to them, with a consistent 4-5mm thickness, it also ticked the box regarding the weight issue.  As with all of European Slate’s first quality slates – Esco17 is backed by our 75 year guarantee.   Having recently presented the guarantee to the owners they commented that they continue to enjoy the view of the house ‘newly dressed’ as the roof is so much in the eyeline.  They are delighted with both the quality of the product and the installation.  Everyone at European Slate,  too, is delighted as the project shows what can be achieved with our slates when fixed with this level of care and detail.

As well as a wide range of Spanish slate options, European Slate can also offer slates from Brazil and all the major UK quarries including Welsh Slate.  We are also able to offer a wide range of accessories to supplement our slate range including concrete ridges, inline slate ventilators, slate hooks and nails.  We have access to most commonly used fixings so if there is anything you need let us know and we will endeavor to source for you.